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The home of author and poet Ben Cook and The Pink Princess

Hello and welcome to my website. There’s not a lot here right now, but if you subscribe, I’ll let you know when there’s something new.

While you’re waiting, you could buy a signed copy of the book below.

‘The Pink Princess’ is about a strong-minded young princess with attitude and written for girls, boys, parents and grandparents. This fun, rhyming story is about seeing a world without limits, about dreams coming true, and happy ever afters. Something we all need a little of right now!

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Why buy a book from Nobody’s Dog?

Investing in children matters to us; it’s in everything we do!

Our words and illustrations are about positive self-image, celebrating diversity and individuality. We’re passionate about helping children achieve their potential and we believe that now more than ever, we need to invest in the positive mental health of our children (while having a little fun along the way!).

On a personal level, writing helps me! As an author with ADHD and my own mental health challenges, writing gives me a creative outlet for my imagination, and being able to make a difference is great for my own well-being.